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Lake Toba in Legend

Lake Toba in Legend

Lake Toba in Legend – Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra is one of the famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. As the largest lake in Southeast Asia, Lake Toba also has a history of its existence comes from the eruption of Mount Merapi hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago.
Beautiful Toba Lake 
Fairy tales and folklore about the origins of the legend of toba lake seems to be an interesting story to talk about. Because, basically, the history of the formation of Lake Toba is quite unique. So, there’s not a little offensive to the formation of Lake Toba from the so-called folklore or legend.
A poor orphan boy. He lived alone in the northern part of Sumatra Island very dry. He lived by farming and fishing.

One day, he was fishing and caught a strange fish. The fish was big and very beautiful. The color is golden. He then took off pole and holding fish. But when touched by hand, the fish was turned into a beautiful princess! Apparently he is a fish that is cursed the gods for having violated a ban. Has disuratkan, if he touched his hand, he would turn into such a creature what is touching it. Because he touched people, he also turned into a human.

The young man then proposed marriage to the daughter of the fish. Princess nod their heads in the fish was prepared.

“But I have one request” the woman said.
“I’m willing to be your wife, as long as you want to keep my secret that I come from a fish.”
“All right. I’ll keep that secret. “Said the young man.

Eventually they married and gave birth to a baby boy is funny. But when growing up, the boy is always hungry. Although many eating-food intake kemulutnya, he never feels full.

One day, being so hungry, he ate all the food on the table, including food rations both parents. Coming home from the fields, the hungry father found an empty desk there was no food, angry heart. With hunger and could not control himself, his words came out harsh.
“You offspring of fish!”

He did not realize, with what he said, meant he had confided his wife.
Immediately the boy went crying to his mother and asked if it was true he was the offspring of fish.
Hearing this, the mother was shocked because her husband had violated their oath earlier.
After that the mother decided to return to nature. Then suddenly the sky turned dark and the rain descended, and then lightning struck with the swift.

The father became upset and very sorry for his actions. However, rice has become porridge. He could never be reunited with his wife and son who loved it as well.

Foothold in the land of the former wife and his son, suddenly there springs gush. The water is getting bigger and bigger. Long into the lake. The lake is then we know today as Lake Toba.

That’s the brief story of how the Lake Toba. Lake Toba is beautiful, the only island in the island in my country Indonesia.

Note: If you want to travel from Siantar to the Beautiful Lake Toba, you can ride tricycles Siantar, and while enjoying views of your journey.

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